Chasing Dinosaurs

Not usually how I spend my Saturday mornings I must admit, but I was quite happily lying in my bed with Oscar, when all of a sudden Oscar hid under the duvet and told me to get under there as well cos there’s dinosaurs about.

I got told off for leaving my pillows out as the dinosaurs might take it and eat it, and Oscar poked his head out of our duvet tent every so often to check if the dinosaurs had gone. He then announced that we needed to catch the dinosaurs and put them out the window, so off we went, catching the dinosaurs (they were only baby dinosaurs Oscar told me) and putting them out the window.


I asked Oscar where they were going, “to London on holiday”, in a tone of voice that said I should’ve known that already. We then had to catch the mummy and daddy dinosaurs that were all over the walls and ceiling. This time i knew better than to ask where these ones were going.

And then, just like that, Oscar announced that all the dinosaurs had been caught, and he wanted something to eat while he waited for breakfast.


I saw this on Megan from Briar Rose‘s Instagram the other week and I do love a good photo challenge. Apart from 100 happy days, that was just an epic fail.

For those of you who don’t know what it is, Lovetober was set up by the wonderful Gala from galadarling, who I have recently just discovered through this challenge. It’s fairly simple, each day has a prompt, you take a picture, upload it to Instagram and tag it with #lovetober and anything else you want.


I’m really enjoying doing this challenge as it just feels different to the other Instagram challenges I’ve done in the past and I have only missed one day so far, which was 3rd October’s photobooth prompt.

Are you taking part in #lovetober or any other Instagram challenges? Feel free to add me on Instagram using the link below or in my sidebar.


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Tesco Haul

Don’t worry, I’m not going to be showing you my grocery shopping! I went to the big Tesco this afternoon with my gran just for something to do and to get out the house. I also wanted some Pumpkin Pie filling which was out of stock at the little Tesco in town. Typically the pie filling was out of stock, but it wasn’t an entirely wasted trip.

The first thing I bought (well my gran bought it for me) was this cushion, which you will have seen if you follow me on Instagram. Now I’m not really a Disney kind of girl and I certainly don’t go crazy over it, but I saw this and I just couldn’t resist. This was actually in the little girls bedroom section, but that didn’t stop me wanting it.


I just love the colours and everything about this cushion. Plus Sleeping Beauty was one of my favourites when I was younger. This cushion is £8 and you can buy your own one here

I never used to really be into candles much either but now I find myself buying odd ones here and there, usually from Primark. I thought I’d have a look and see what Tesco had to offer and I ended up buying these 2.


The Price’s Spiced Pumpkin Pie candle is amazing. It smells exactly like Pumpkin Spice lattes from Starbucks and it actually smells the same when it burns which I’m chuffed about. Some of my candles smell gorgeous but then as soon as you light them they smell differently or don’t smell at all. The tin was £4 and has a burn time of 30 hours. You can buy it here. They also sell a rhubarb and rose one as well which to me smells EXACTLY like rhubarb and custard sweets. I also picked up a Zesty Lime & Fig votive candle which was a complete bargain at 50p! It smells very citrus and fresh as the name suggests, perfect for when I don’t want a spicy autumnal smell. (P.S How cool is my wallpaper!)

The last item from my little haul is this sweatshirt from the Florence and Fred sale.



This sweatshirt was £8 and I got the size 18. I thought it would possibly be too big where I’ve lost weight, but it fits nicely and doesn’t look too big. It doesn’t come up really high in the neck either, I don’t generally buy sweatshirts as I hate tops and jumpers that are too high-necked, but this one is ok. It also comes with spare beads as well as I know I’m bound to lose some! There are still some available here, but only 12’s or 18’s.

I was pleasantly surprised with what I managed to pick up, even if I didn’t manage to get some actual pumpkin pie filling!


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Styling up Ryvita

Now I’m not going to lie, you say Ryvita to me and I automatically think of bland diet food that I remember my mum eating. I never tried it myself for that exact reason and I had no plans to. However last month I was contacted by Ryvita regarding their collaboration with leading fashion designer Ben De Lisi. I’m not majorly into fashion but I do remember his name from when I worked at Debenhams, and I do love a storage tin.



Think you know Ryvita®? Think again!

Store your favourite Ryvita® in style with the new limited edition Ryvita® tin, created by leading London-based designer, Ben de Lisi.

The award winning and internationally acclaimed designer, Ben de Lisi, renowned for his vibrantly modern designs across homewares and fashion, has teamed up with Ryvita® to create an exciting new limited edition for the popular Ryvita® Tin range. 

Ben’s bright and bold tin is part of the exciting new changes occurring at Ryvita as the brand moves into a fresh and dynamic new era.  Possibilities with Ryvita® are surprisingly endless; that’s why we’ll be championing all the fun and undeniably moreish ways to enjoy the full Ryvita® range this autumn.  From the irresistibly crunchy Crispbread to the deliciously versatile Crackerbread; it’s time to revel in all the surprising and imaginative ways to enjoy the entirety of the Ryvita® range.

Ryvita®’s collaboration with Ben follows the first designer tin launched last year, created by Kelly Hoppen, which flew off shelves, selling out in a matter of days.

Featuring Ben’s signature style, the new beautifully colourful Ryvita® tin will instantly brighten up your kitchen counter whilst keeping your favourite Ryvita® Crispbread extra crunchy, fresh and tasty

The eye-catching tin has an abstract design with splashes of pink, green, orange, yellow and blue, along with Ben’s well-known signature on the side.

Ben de Lisi comments: “I was extremely excited to be asked to design a tin for Ryvita® as it’s such an exciting time for the iconic brand. I love cooking, also, and really enjoy experimenting with different toppings on their range of Crispbreads. I wanted to create a striking, bold look that would stand out and look great on people’s worktops.  I hope the colourful tin will inspire home cooks to be daring and try new flavour combinations and recipes with this tasty and versatile range.”

The stylish tin is exclusively available to buy via the Ryvita® website at costs £7.49, including postage & packing, and will be available whilst stocks last.

 I was sent a couple of packets of Ryvita to try, Ryvita multi-seed thins which are brilliant with dip or even on their own, and some Ryvita fruit crunch, which are definitely Oscar’s favourite. And the tin itself?


I love it! It’s the perfect size for keeping the Ryvita fresh, and the retro-ness of the design really fits my 50’s inspired kitchen so well.  I really wish I could get hold of Kelly Hoppen’s patriotic design from last year but alas, it’s like nigh on impossible.

Thank you Ryvita for sending me the tin, I have been converted to your Ryvita-ery ways.


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Life in Pictures: September 2014

Its been a long time since I’ve done one of these, but I’m determined to try and get back into blogging from now on, so I thought this post seemed like a good place as any to start.



(clockwise from top left)

1. Oscar on the exercise equipment in the park.

2. Oscar and his friend peering over the bridge at the river

3. Had a few hours to myself so treated myself to lunch

4. Afternoon tea at the Abode in Canterbury.

5. Mum and Oscar feeding the ducks in Faversham on my birthday

6. Oscar drew a smiley face

7. Home-made Choccochino cake

8. Oscar wrote his own name!

9. Ice cream at the beach.


1. Classy dinner on the way to my best friends house

2. Bus station selfie

3. Train selfie

4. My *AMAZING* birthday cake from my best friend.

5. Hot chocolate in our dressing gowns the other morning as it was freezing!

6. Birthday night out with my best friend (yes that was taken in the pub loo’s!)

7. Oscar feeding the ducks

8. Wearing gold glittery shoes on my birthday.


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Meal Planning Monday

Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve done one of these. I’m still getting to grips with cooking just for me and Oscar and our food bill has dropped drastically as i only really need to do a shop every fortnight.

On the menu this week is:

☆ Tuesday and thursday:
Chicken, mushroom and leek pie

☆ Friday and Sunday:
Spaghetti Bolognaise

Chinese or Indian takeaway as it’s my birthday

☆ Saturday:
I’ll probably have beans or toast before i go out and Oscar is spending the night at my mums.

Now I’ve remembered quite why i stopped doing these posts so much, most weeks I’d only have 2 or 3 meals to post!

What have you go on the menu this week?

Long time…..

Blimey. Long time no speak and all that. I didn’t intend to not blog for nearly 2 months, but life got in the way. It took a fair bit of adjusting to get used to this single parenting lark and then it was the summer holidays and before i knew it, it was September.

I’m hoping now Oscar’s back at nursery I can get myself into a routine which includes blogging again as i do miss it. We went on holiday to Manchester last month so i need to write that up as well.
Anyway, i hope you are all well.


Rare Breeds Centre

Earlier this month both Oscar’s nursery and his playgroup both decided to do trips to the Rare Breeds Centre out near Ashford, within a week of each other. I’d been a few times when I was little but I couldn’t really remember it. Luckily Oscar didn’t care about going twice in the space of a week.

Oscar loved the first barn you go in with the ducks, guinea pigs and rabbits, as they get the guinea pigs and rabbits out so you can pet them.




He talked to some pigs


Saw a goat trying to climb a tree


Saw a massive butterfly which gave mummy the heebie jeebies


But to be honest I think the part Oscar enjoyed most was the playground





Oscar really enjoyed both his trips and there is so much there that we could’ve quite easily spent longer there and not been bored. Hopefully we will get to go again one day.