Home haul

I’m lying in the bed next to a poorly sleeping Oscar, who I should probably wake up from his nap soon, and thought I would write the first of 3 haul posts I have. I am deliberating whether to do one of the others as a you tube video, but I shall see how I go with that.

So anyway, as I was saying, a home haul. Now I haven’t gone out and bought a multitude of homes as quite frankly, given my credit rating, that would be impossible. What I have bought is little things for our flat. Including one that I didn’t take a picture of as it’s a bit difficult to show you the full effect of it.

First up is this gorgeous duvet cover. It’s very me and I actually had it on my eBay watch list for months but never bought it. Paul had been telling me about a duvet set they’d got in at work that was so me, it was perfect etc. The other week he did some night shifts, got a voucher and promptly bought me the duvet he was telling me about it. Yes it was the one I had on my watch list for months. I’m not sure who it is by, only that it is called Canterbury, which also happens to be where we live.



Carrying on the duvet theme, is this AMAZING one from George at Asda. I’d seen various bit of the George home range but nothing really jumped out at me, until I saw this.


Isn’t it just brilliant! I don’t think I could get a more perfect duvet for me. I love pin-ups, to the stage I will have a pin-up tattoo one day, and to just get a duvet with them on, is quite frankly wonderful. I haven’t put it on our bed yet but here’s a picture of the pillowcase



The background is tiny mint polka dots too. If you want your own, it cost us £14 from asda.

I’ve been getting into candles a bit recently, I’m so behind the times! I couldn’t justify the cost of the yankee candle jars so I went for the little samplers instead.



I chose Vanilla Lime and Sparkling Lemon, both quite sweet citrusy smells. Saying that they dont smell as much as I’d expect when you burn them. Do the jars smell more? Ideally I wanted the Hazlenut Coffee sampler, but typically that’s been discontinued. I can find the tarts on ebay so I might get one, but I hope the smell is strong.

Lastly, and the one I can’t show that well, is our new wallpaper for the front room. I can show you a picture of the pattern and the wall it will go on, so you’ll just have to imagine how it will look. When we finally get it finished I’ll no doubt be showing it off.



Have you bought anything nice recently? Do I really need to buy the yankee jars to get the full whack of smell?

Interview with the birthday boy

I’ve seen this idea on Pinterest for ages and to be honest I wasn’t sure about doing it, as I thought it might be a bit twee. I ran it past Paul though and he loved the idea so here you go, this is an interview with a 3 year old

What’s your favorite food? 

Sausages AND Ketchup AND Vegetables

What’s your yuckiest food?

Every yukky food

What’s your favorite game?

Jigsaw Game

‘Tell me a story…’

I will be stuck in a story.

Who is your best friend?

Another Oscar in Whitstable

What do you like doing the best?


What does mummy say?

Not to put stuff on the table.

What does daddy say?

Daddy always says no cos that’s naughty.

What did you dream about?

Birthdays and watching tv.

Sing me a song


What’s your favourite character/tv show?

Peppa and Paw Patrol. No lingo show.

What’s your favourite song?

Middle Man.

Tell me a joke

Knock knock

Who’s there?


Door who?


What’s your favourite colour?


What job do you want to do when you’re bigger?


What does mummy do that makes you laugh?

Make a funny face.

How old is Nandy?

A lot old!

How old is Grandad?

Grandad is a lot old than Nandy.

What would you call a pet pig?


What’s your favourite toy?

Car City.

What makes you happy?

Making everything messy.

What makes you sad?

Crying will.

What’s your favourite book?

A lot of them.

What’s your favourite animal?


What’s your favourite activity?

My arc. Every stuff is.


My life in pictures: March 2014

I thought I would probably have more pictures than this this month, but I think they’re all on Paul’s computer, will have to see if theres anymore to add. It was a quiet month on the blog this month as we were busy alot and the days and then the weeks just flew by, and before I knew it, it was April. The main event this month was Oscar’s 3rd birthday on the 19th, I’ve still got a few posts to write about it.



So now it’s April. What have we got planned for April? Well we have Easter, a birthday party, my grans birthday and then at the end of the month, my big boy will be starting nursery. He’s only going 2 mornings a week to begin with and we’ll see how it goes from there. I’m nervous and dreading it but at the same time I’m excited for him, he’s ready for it now and the couple of times we’ve looked round the nursery he hasn’t wanted to leave. It’s not the nearest one to us but this one I think suits us better, its smaller, more secure and the other one screwed me around.

What have you got planned for April?

Birthday buses and trains

Back when we took Oscar to the aquarium before Xmas, we decided we would bring him back up to London for his birthday. We thought maybe the zoo, but it depended on the weather, and Paul suggested the natural history museum, but I didn’t know if he’d be too young for it. Then I remembered the transport museum in Covent Garden, I’d been twice before but that was over 10 years ago, and Oscar is partial to the odd train and bus. It was also on a 2 for 1 as well which meant we only had to pay £15 for the both of us.

So last week, the day before Oscar’s birthday, we jumped on train ready for a London adventure. It was no mean feat let me tell you, those of you who know me or read my twitter will know I am not a morning person and getting on the train for 9.20am was not easy. I kept thinking about the mcdonalds breakfast I had promised myself, only to realise that I had completely misjudged how long we had to walk between the 2 stations. We tried to console ourselves with subway breakfast and train station coffee but it just wasn’t the same. It also didn’t help that I had got it into my head that the train was at 10, when it was actually 10.07, so we would’ve had time for a maccy’s breakfast.

It was just under 2 hours into Charing Cross and Oscar was in his element looking at the other trains, the stations and tunnels. I love coming into London on the train, seeing it get more and more built up the nearer you get, and all the landmarks like St Pauls, London Eye, Big Ben etc. We planned to get some lunch first but none of us were hungry, so we walked straight to Covent Garden via The Savoy so I could get a picture.


The transport museum is tucked away in the corner of Covent Garden, and  once inside I was delighted to find a buggy park and a cloakroom so we didn’t have to lug our coats or the pushchair around with us. We were also given a stamp card for Oscar to complete during his visit which I thought was a nice touch.

You start off upstairs in 18th century London, telling you all about how transport has evolved from the single seat carriages that people were carried around in and boats on the thames, to the development of the railway into London and buses and omnibuses. There was an original restored Victorian omnibus, one from the 1920s I think and then a replica one which you could go on and sit inside.



Once you finished that section you went down in the lift, to the good stuff, the development of the underground. Now my inner geek was starting to come out and I kept getting told off by Paul for spending too much time looking at the exhibits and taking pictures.


They had a restored train that was pulling some restored carriages from the 1920s and 30s, which you could go and sit in. I loved this and imagined I was in an episode of Poirot or House of Elliot. I think it was at this point Paul and Oscar just gave up on me.



They also had loads, and I mean loads of old underground posters which I loved and just couldn’t resist.


I also wanted to steal this whole living room set up, but I don’t think I could’ve smuggled it out without being noticed.


Back downstairs and there was more on this history of the tube and how it evolved into what we have today.


There was also a few simulators dotted so you could have a go at driving a tube train. None of us were very good at this, either overshooting the stations or going through red lights. Its definitely harder than it looks.


Next it was on to buses. There wasn’t as much about the buses as there were trains, which suited me to be honest as I find the underground much more interesting. Paul took lots of pictures though so I shall try and add them at a later date. I did snap this picture though for my mums husband, as he is a bus driver.


After a wander round the shop where I could’ve spent a fortune, we then left the museum to go get some lunch. I was really looking forward to it as we went to Tgi Fridays, but Oscar refused to eat his lunch and fell asleep instead. Typical! His lunch didn’t go to waste though as me and Paul picked at it.

Before we knew it it was time to go and fight with the crowds on the way home. We stupidly decided to leave Charing Cross at 5.30, right in the middle of rush hour. Oscar refused to nap all the way home as looking out the window was far more interesting.



I think we finally got home about 8.30, Oscar was absolutely exhausted and went straight to sleep, dreaming about trains and buses. He’s asks every day pretty much to go back to London, my ticket for the transport museum is valid for a year, so I could take him again while Paul is at work, but I’m not sure I’m brave enough to do it on my own!


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How I got my hair pink

First up, I just want to say that I am NOT a hairdresser, I have not had any training or qualifications or anything. This is the way I did my hair and the way it works for me. It might not be the same for you, if in doubt seek a professionals advice.

Right with that out of the way, let’s crack on with how I got my pink hair.

Step 1. Bleach. And lots of it. My hair is naturally dark brown as my roots show me.

I knew that to get the pink to show on my hair I would need to bleach the living daylights out of it. I can’t remember exactly what bleaching kit I used as it was back in july, but I used a whole box of it just on the ends of my hair. I wanted a sort of gradient effect / ombre rather than just a harsh line between the two. This is the look i was aiming for:

I could’ve bought one of those ombre kits but I wasn’t sure it would work on my dark hair so I used a normal lightening kit. I didn’t bother with a strand test (naughty) as my hair is pretty strong. I put my hair in bunches and I did the bleach in stages. I did the ends first, then 20 mins later I went a bit higher, then the same another 20 mins later. I wrapped it in tinfoil and then left it on for about just over an hour, while I went and sat in the garden.
mmm sexy!
I then followed the rinsing and conditioning instructions and I looked like this.

I decided that it was still a bit orange so I left it a week or 2 and then I rebleached it. This time it worked perfectly, woohoo! I didnt want to go platinum as it would just look ridiculous. I bought the pink dye all ready to go….. and then left it for 7 months.

Step 2. Pick your colour. I wanted to use a brand i could easily get hold of so I chose directions as a shop in town sold them. I only chose one colour to begin with, Carnation Pink.

It says to apply it to damp hair but after speaking to a few people, they all advised me to apply it to dry hair which makes much more sense. I used gloves for this as I didn’t really fancy pink hands. It also says to leave for 15 mins, I think I left it on for about 90 mins.

It’s conditioning so it’s ok to leave it on for that long. I rinsed it in warm water, not hot, and voila I had pink hair.

I decided that it wasn’t pink enough for me as I wanted something like this so I bought another 2 colours to add, and this is where it got a bit tricky.


I put the darker rose red colour at the top and left it on for about an hour.
When it came to rinising off I had to hold it at an angle so the water wouldnt run straight down on to the lighter hair. In the end I gave up and just rinsed it out normally, it actually brightened up the pale pink colour. Silly moo I am though forgot to wear gloves when rinising so my hand and nails were stained pink.

That’s all from the rose red dye. Wear the gloves people!

And this is the final result. I still have the cerise to put in but in all honesty, I just cant be arsed at the moment! I love having pink hair, I doubt I’ll ever go completely pink, but this is enough for me. It certainly makes me smile when I look at it, and that’s all that matters.


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